Kasey Champion

engineer   educator   optimist

A firm believer that “talent is universal but opportunity is not”; Kasey is dedicated to bringing technical education, and the economic empowerment it provides, to all students. A software engineer turned teacher, Kasey graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Electrical Engineering, in addition to her course work she was a teaching assistant for the Computer Science Department.

After graduation she joined Microsoft as a software engineer, but every morning before work for the last 3 years she has been a  computer science teacher at local area high schools with the TEALS program. Recently she was lucky enough to make her passion her full time job and joined the Microsoft Learning team to develop computer science courseware designed to be inclusive of all students.

Her current passions include employment courses for community college students, increasing interest in tech for girls and students of color, empowering women in Afghanistan to rebuild their communities and helping kids in refugee camps fill the gaps in their education.